apple taste test

As stick season quickly approaches, we're trying to soak up every last bit of fall here in Vermont. And what's more quintessentially autumn than fresh apples?

apple taste test
The heirloom apples at City Market in Burlington, VT

Earlier this week, my 4-year old and I couldn't resist the amazing heirloom apple selection at City Market, our local co-op. I mean, could you?! We decided to stick with small apples, because miniature things are cute, and chose six varieties for an apple taste test.

I was inspired to try this activity from the latest KidsGardening newsletter offer, the Activity E-Kit. Have you seen it? Each month, KidsGardening will send seasonal activities with a list of items to gather to complete the activities, and you and the kids in your life are set for a few fun activities! (Hint hint, you can sign up to get the Activity E-kit here.)

Since time is always scarce at our house, we incorporated our apple taste test into dinner earlier this week. In addition to apple slices, I offered a baguette, cheddar cheese, mustard, kale chips, roasted almonds, and a few other random leftovers from the fridge that rounded out the meal. Do you ever do dinners like this? I just started, and they are always a huge hit.

Of our six apples, we had four that everyone loved, one that everyone disliked, and one that was ok. We learned that our whole family likes apples with rough skin. While the kiddos (age 4 and 8) mostly gave tasting notes such as "yum," "crunchy!," or "tastes like bananas," the grown-ups were able to be a little more distinctive with words like mild, tart, tannic, floral. The biggest hit with the kids was the Hidden Rose - it's pink on the inside! The adults liked the Ananas Reinette. I'm looking forward to trying a few more in the next couple of weeks.

If you also want a fun snack / dinner / escape from all the Halloween candy, check out the Celebrating Apples activity. Let us know your favorites!


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