strawberry tower
The strawberry tower, newly constructed.

My kiddos, like many of their age-mates and fellow humans, LOVE strawberries. In fact, the promise of 1-2 garden strawberries was often how I bribed them to walk to our community garden with me! Our strawberry patch was getting a little tired, and we knew we needed to refresh with new plants this year.

Then along came Taylor.

As you may recall, Taylor was one of our weekly winners for Kids Garden Month. She had a container garden in a baby pool, and the most fascinating strawberry tower made of fence pickets.

strawberry tower
Strawberry plants peeking out of the planter.

I was intrigued. I showed Taylor's video to my spouse, who promptly headed to the lumber yard to buy fence pickets and the correct size hole saw. I promptly ordered 75 bare root strawberry plants from Stark Bro's.

Within two weeks, we had our own strawberry tower! The one hiccup my construction worker reported was that drilling the holes required the use of a corded, rather than cordless drill, since it took so much power to make the holes. (Thanks, Dad, for the loaner. Did we give that back yet?) We buried the bottom of the tower in a planter, then filled it with organic raised bed soil mix, which was a very messy process that resulted in me being completely showered with soil several times. Then we tucked the little bare root plants in the drilled holes. We very carefully wheeled it to the community garden in our Red Flyer wagon, and within a few days, the plants had come to life!

Our next step is to toss some netting over the whole thing so the crows don't get to the berries before we do. We are really excited about this project, and I am so grateful to Taylor for sharing it! Here's to a summer of strawberries!


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