Over the last few weeks, we have shared some of our favorite, easy KG activities to do at home and some of the resources from partner organizations we are relying on for inspiration right now, but this week I am excited to share a brand new resource created by the School Garden Support Organization (SGSO) Network to help youth garden educators across the country share their best lessons, activity ideas and garden tips for students, teachers and families that have been crafted specifically to provide support during these ever-changing times.

The SGSO Network has launched a special COVID-19 resource page where you can discover a database of distance teaching resources, find entry into a very active online forum, and take advantage of opportunities to register for weekly virtual gatherings for live sharing of ideas. Topics of focus include:

  • Distance Teaching/Learning Resources
  • Garden Care and Management During COVID-19
  • Maintaining Fiscal Stability for Your SGSO
  • Running Your SGSO/Supporting Your Staff During COVID-19

A BIG shout out and thank you to our dear friend John Fisher at Life Lab for all of his hard work bringing this amazing resource together!

Although the main focus of the SGSO Network is to support school garden professionals as learning has shifted to homes this spring, amazing garden educators from around the country are quickly adapting their lessons and activities to meet the needs of home gardens and ‘new’ teachers (AKA family members who are so very appreciative of the hard work of our teachers and schools) and making them available for everyone.

The School Garden Distance Teaching Resource Round-Up database offers tons of awesome digital resources from garden tours/plant walks to pre-taped cooking lessons, activities that can be done with minimal, common household items, and fun lessons that won’t have your kids hiding from you. If you have a resource to share, you can submit it via a very simple Google form. The Forum has ideas that range from what to do with gardens that cannot be accessed at this time to policies put in place for gardens that are remaining operational. The Virtual Gatherings join these two resources and give us all the social connection that we need to make it through the physical distancing.

So if you are looking for some resources and inspiration for engaging in garden-based learning at home this spring--- make sure to check out this great new resource.

sharing resources
A preview of the offerings on the SGSO resources page.

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