Kids Garden Month

April is Kids Garden Month! We're celebrating with the KidsGrow contest, and can't wait to see all the amazing things kids will share with us.

If you are interested in having the kids in your life participate, ask them to think about what grows in their garden. Creativity is encouraged! You can also ask them to think about what else might grow in their garden that isn't a plant. For example, are they having fun?  How does gardening make them feel the food they eat? Do they like to spend time with family, friends, or classmates in the garden? What do they do with the garden's harvest?

We created this contest to lift up the powerful and meaningful impact kids have on their community. Gardening can be a springboard to healthier eating, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. These intangible benefits of gardening will last longer than any zucchini or bean you might grow. 

We so look forward to seeing what's growing in your kids' gardens! You can find all the contest rules and methods of entry on our Kids Garden Month 2019 page.

Follow along on our social media accounts (below), and here on the blog, to keep up with all the fun things we're doing this month to celebrate gardening with kids.

Pictured above, a poem by a 7-year-old that reads, "In spring the garden's ready. The seeds are planted, we are watering. The wind blows. I sprout."

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