mothers day

As I was contemplating what to write today with Mother’s Day approaching, I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and look through some of our old garden photos. The picture above is one of my favorites and taken in front of our community garden plot at the time. It was so nice to see the smiles and joy shining through. Our adventure with community gardening came to an end once my kids started elementary school and I became involved with our school’s garden program, but I hope some day we might give it a try again.

Got to be honest, the smiles have been few and far between around here lately. There have been a lot of Mom fails in our household the last couple months. Lots of nagging to get schoolwork done. Should it really take 3.5 hours to finish up 5 second-grade level word problems? It did at our house today. Plus more time on electronics while I try to juggle work at home with kids being home than I care to admit. I have been reminded over and over again that being the Mom is the hardest job out there.

And please know that when I say "being the Mom," I fully recognize this role is not a matter of biology. It is being that person who is in charge of nurturing and protecting those little people in your life who do not come with instructions, but really should. It is a responsibility that is critical in our world, but rarely comes with recognition or thanks (and you can’t call in sick either).

This Mother’s Day, Gardeners Supply has generously stepped in to not only support KidsGardening and the work we are doing right now to encourage families to get into the garden to work off some of that stress by spending some solid positive time together (and maybe even add some fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet too), but also they are helping us help you thank those special mother figures in your life with a gift card. Right now, with a donation of $50 or more to KidsGardening to support our mission, you can select a special honoree to receive a $50 Gardener’s Supply gift card. So with your donation, you help us get more kids in the garden to learn how to nurture and care for our planet while you also honor that person who taught you those same life lessons.

Learn more about how you can give the Gift of Gardening this Mother’s Day and Father's Day. Thank you for your support!

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