easy nature ideas with kids

Today is the first day of school! All the kids and grownups in my house are pretty excited that the kids will get to go to a school two days a week. Of course, 7-2 = 5, so we've still got some good quality time to spend together. Here are few fun and easy nature ideas for kids that we've loved recently that might also work for your family or class.

  • We have been following along with Lessons to Grow By! This is a monthly set of themed activities, and September is all about pollinators. Last week we made our own flowers! (These are pictured above.) Everyone, including me, got really into it. (We left them outside overnight on accident and then the raccoons or squirrels really got into them too.) But you should sign up too, it's been really fun.
  • nature ideas for kids
    "Today we saw turtles"

    Observing nature at the community garden, in our yard, or on a walk in the woods has been a huge hit. Of course just taking mental notes is fun, but we've started bringing notebooks and pens along with us and it's so fun to see what they want to write about. One of my kids writes what they see and the other will draw. (If they do this at the garden it gives me a little bit of extra time!) The title of this blog comes from something my 5-year old said watching a bumblebee in the sedum at our house: "Look, nature! Let me get my notebook."

  • Learning the names of our local wildflowers has been a goal of mine for a long time, and the kids have gotten into it too. I bought a guide specific to our area and the kids love it. We tend to take photos of cool flowers while we're out and then take turns flipping through the guide when we get home. And then the next time we see something while we're out, I might give a little quiz. If you're not into flowers, you could do trees, mushrooms, scat/tracks, or even birds. When kids (and adults!) can give name to something they are more likely to care about it.

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