cactus from seed

cactus from seed
They are really tiny! Paperclip for scale.

Many months ago, I shared our office planting experiment - the Prickly Palace! To catch you up, we started growing cactus from seed over a year ago. (Has it been that long?!) Ever so slowly, the cactus keep growing.

At least we think they're growing. Honestly, they are so slow that it's hard to tell. But looking back to the image from my blog post ten months ago, they've changed, so that's a good sign. Here's what we've done to help them along since our last post, in case you are looking to try this project in your home or classroom.

Our seedlings are in a windowsill. We live in Vermont, and this winter has been very, very cold. So we put a heat mat under the seedlings just to keep them from getting too chilled.

cactus from seed
Cactus food.

We water 2-3 times a week. The soil gets dry really fast with the heat mat on. In the last month or so, we started using some liquid plant food in a spray bottle, and now that's what we use to water each time. The cactus are responding well! It seems like a few of them have grown tiny arms (maybe they are arms, we can't tell what kind of cactus they are yet!), which is a very exciting development.

prickly palace cactus from seed
A particularly odd looking baby cactus. Do you know what it will grow up to be?

They aren't yet big enough to move into their own pots, but maybe after a summer of growth we will have some repotting to do. Their pots will be so tiny! Let us know if you have any questions, or even better, some advice! If you've done this before we'd love to hear from you.




  1. I love this! I have never tried it but seems like a good exercise in patience! The heat mat ought to do the trick I bet! We’ve grown roses from rose hips and that was cool too. We also have an apricot tree from a long ago lunch box pit! I’m not sure if it will produce but the fact that we even got a full on 5′ tree is awesome.
    Redwood Day School
    Oakland, CA

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