Mister Chris and Christine

Last November, Beth shared a blog about Mister Chris and Friends, a Vermont PBS children’s show that I appeared in as Farmer Christine. I’m excited to share that I reprised my role in the second season, which premiered last week.

Mister Chris is an amazing educator, who I am supremely grateful to have gotten to know over the course of filming this wonderful show. He’s incredibly intentional about creating welcoming and inclusive environments in which children can learn and explore, an attentiveness highlighted in each episode. 

While I encourage you to check out the entirety of the second season, here’s one episode to get you started:

New Friends: A new family has moved to the farm from El Salvador. Meanwhile, Mister Chris and his friends learn about butterfly migration and help the newest members of the community feel welcome.

You can watch all of Season 1 and 2 at Vermont PBS.

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