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We just finished our Summer Photo Contest and we were overwhelmed with fantastic entries. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - thank you to every parent, educator, summer camp counselor, grandparent, second-cousin-twice-removed, and caregiver who takes the time to garden with kids. It's powerful, and it makes a difference in their lives. If I saw you in real life, I'd love to give you a hug.

We received so many excellent entries (372 to be exact), and it was SO hard to pick winners. I wanted to share just a few here, but you can see even more on our Photo Contest Winner page, and we'll be sharing them across social media as well.

[Header image: "Fuzzy caterpillar face," photo by Lexie. I love how kids notice the best details! Lexie captured a great view of this creature's face, which looks incredibly like a Muppet.]


These two are almost too much cuteness in one photo. What I really love about it is how capable these two are! They are trusted with watering the garden (an essential task!) and they are cooperating to get the job done. The garden is a beautiful place to practice cooperation skills. And trusting little ones to do hard things can be challenging as a parent/teacher/caregiver!

Photo Contest
"Time to water our garden! Vivian and Onyx, both almost three years old, are sharing the hose to fill up their watering can." Submitted by Liz.

Let them be messy

Look at those little hands, working hard to create seed balls for pollinators! Getting in the garden can be messy. It's also a fantastic sensory experience, and totally worth it. You've got to help kiddos clean up their own bodies, the tables, the floor, the wall, the ceiling. Sunhats off to all the grown-ups not afraid of a mess!

kids photo contest
Pollinator balls in the making at Glastonbury East Hartford Magnet School in Glastonbury, CT.

Same, my friend

Raise your hand if that's how you feel after an evening in the garden?! Yep, me too. Harvest time is great, but man am I tired!

photo contest
This is my son Ethan who joins me at the community garden working quite a bit. This evening he just couldn't resist a snooze. Photo submitted by Emily.

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