Last night I took my pre-schooler to soccer. It's not a team, more like a few weeks where the littles get some experience running around with a ball and having fun. Parent participation is expected, and my kiddo still likes when I'm right by their side in group events. At the end of the time period, the coach said, "and  now I want all of you to yell THANK YOU to your parents for bringing you!"

That's what I want to do! I want to yell THANK YOU to all the parents, teachers, volunteers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and educators who facilitated the record-breaking participation in our Kids Garden Month contest this year. We know the kids love it, but they don't have any money to buy plants or they need adult supervision to use the glue gun for a seed mosaic. They are able to reflect on what grows in their garden because of YOU!

We are constantly amazed by all of the folks out there who garden with their kids. Every parent who makes it a tradition to plant seeds in early spring, every teacher who goes the extra mile to get their students engaged in the school green space, every volunteer who helps make a school garden possible. Because of you, kids know where there food comes from. Because of you, kids are connecting with nature. Because of you, kids are engaged in experiential, hands-on learning. Because of you, kids are caring for the earth.

Here are KidsGardening, we try to make that work a little easier with activities and lesson plans, garden basics and growing guides, and grants, contests, and giveaways. But it all comes back to the caring grown-ups in kids' lives who get their hands in the soil and make it happen. So, once again, THANK YOU!

(Garden art pictured above is by Oliver R, a kindergartener at the J Center for Early Learning.)

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