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Books in Bloom is a unique resource for educators that presents a curriculum exploring the interconnectedness of nature through literature and botany. Co-authors Valerie Bang-Jensen and Mark Lubkowitz, professors of education and biology, respectively, at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, invite children in grades K-5 to learn about science and nature while experiencing a great story in this beautifully illustrated volume.

30-0059-BooksInBloom"Because elementary school teachers teach all subjects, they really need to be aware of looking at literature with different lenses, not just the literary elements," says Bang-Jensen. Perfect for classrooms, after-school programs, or anyone who gardens with children, each chapter of Books in Bloom focuses on an outstanding children's picture book that is widely recognized as good literature and that discusses or references plant biology. "We wanted to make sure there were books of different genres," explained Bang-Jensen. "There's fiction, nonfiction; there's poetic language in some of them – it's a broad range. There's something for everyone."

Featuring quick and easy lesson ideas, hands-on activities, and full lesson plans that relate the text to multiple disciplines, Books in Bloom provides an opportunity for anyone who reads and gardens with children to teach science through literature. In addition, reference icons clearly identify appropriate grade levels, and lists of related titles are included for alternative reading levels and connections to Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

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Download Compost Stew: An A-Z Recipe for the Earth, a FREE lesson plan from Books in Bloom.

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  1. Thank you so much for shining such a generous spotlight on my COMPOST STEW by not only including it in BOOKS IN BLOOM, but offering it as the free sample lesson plan for your wonderful resource book! I’ve featured the link in the Pick of the Crop Materials on my website, and look forward to sharing it with my readers on the COMPOST STEW Facebook page… with many thanks again!

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