Susan Littlefield - Horticulturist

The garden is an engaging, stimulating, and — most importantly — a fun learning environment for preschool children. Educators who use plants as teaching tools know that gardens and garden activities not only improve children’s environmental attitudes and connect them with nature; they also provide an engaging context for learning core subjects. The active, inquiry-based discovery that occurs in gardening programs makes them proven winners for educating young learners.

GardenAdventures_CoverWritten for early childhood educators, Garden Adventures: Exploring Plants with Young Children helps preschool educators incorporate gardens into early childhood classrooms and introduce young students to plant basics. This helpful guide features 16 thoughtful, hands-on activities centered on four key questions: What is a plant? Where do plants come from? How do we take care of plants? Why are plants important? All activities have been reviewed and field-tested by early childhood educators.

Each chapter also includes detailed horticultural teacher background information; interdisciplinary extension ideas, and a reproducible "family newsletter" describing an activity to complete at home to promote family involvement.

Equally suited for preschool educators who are new to gardening and those who are experienced green thumbs, these inspired lessons will let you and your young students embark on a wonderful garden learning adventure.

This self-published book was written by our very own Education Director, Sarah Pounders!

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