cooking with kids

I love cooking with my kids. It's a way for us to spend time together doing something I love. (Not that I don't also love building animal homes with Magna-Tiles and playing The Floor is Lava.) Here are some of the ways my kids and I have been eating and preparing the end-of-season bounty from our garden.

Fresh from the garden
One of the best parts of gardening with kids is letting them snack their way through the garden! One of my children claims the only way she likes carrots is if they are freshly-pulled from the garden. Peas, beans, and cherry tomatoes also fall into this category.

Try a little salt
Sometimes I’m so hesitant to add salt to my kids’ food, because I don’t want them to get accustom to the taste of salty foods. But a little salt makes everything taste better. It will make cucumber slices taste more cucumber-y, and what’s better than a sliced tomato with a wee sprinkling of salt? It could also be a fun taste test experiment - try one cucumber with a tiny bit of salt, and one without, and make notes on the difference.

It’s not just for basil anymore! Yes, basil pesto is amazing, and if you live in a cooler climate, you’re probably stocking your freezer with it right now. But if your kids dig basil pesto, try some others as well. Kale pesto is fantastic. (I've been heaping kale pesto on pan-roasted chickpeas and pasta for dinner more times than I care to admit.) Carrot top pesto, garlic scape pesto, spinach pesto, vegan, nut-free, the sky’s the limit on pesto variations. Bonus: kids love pushing buttons on the blender or food-processor!

Pickle it
When in doubt, pickle it. Refrigerator pickles are great for kids (and grown-ups) because you don’t have to mess with a hot-water bath, and you can eat them later the same day as opposed to waiting a few weeks. They can help chop up the vegetables (I have one of these wavy choppers, and it's great for making your pickles look fancy and for kiddo helpers), measure out spices and vinegar for the brine, and stuff the vegetables into jars. You should probably do the boiling and maybe the hot-liquid pouring. You can quick-pickle pretty much anything. Some of my favorites are: cucumbers, onions, carrots, beans, fennel, even cherry tomatoes!

What are you cooking with your kids? I love hearing new ideas! 

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