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GrowLab: Activity Guide

GrowLab Activity Guide

A Top Tool for Garden Education

  • Lessons written and field-tested by educators with background information, clear objectives, grade indicators, and materials lists
  • Adaptable, multidisciplinary explorations to fit your time frame
  • Step-by-step, constructivist teaching cycle promotes inquiry and teamwork

GrowLab: Classroom Activities for Indoor Gardens and Grow Lights, by KidsGardening.org, is a complete curriculum that uses fun, illustrated activities to explore life cycles, examine plant diversity, and investigate the interdependence between plants and humans. Whether you're growing plants in a greenhouse, under grow lights or on a windowsill, this comprehensive book provides you with all the information you need to use plants as a teaching tool in your classroom to engage young minds. Grades K-8. Meets National Science Standards.

View a sample lesson called Puzzled by Photosynthesis.

All of KidsGardening curriculum is sold through Gardener's Supply Company.

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