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GrowLab: Activity Guide

GrowLab Activity Guide

A Top Tool for Garden Education

  • Lessons written and field-tested by educators with background information, clear objectives, grade indicators, and materials lists
  • Adaptable, multidisciplinary explorations to fit your time frame
  • Step-by-step, constructivist teaching cycle promotes inquiry and teamwork

GrowLab: Classroom Activities for Indoor Gardens and Grow Lights, by KidsGardening.org, is a complete curriculum that uses fun, illustrated activities to explore life cycles, examine plant diversity, and investigate the interdependence between plants and humans. Whether you're growing plants in a greenhouse, under grow lights or on a windowsill, this comprehensive book provides you with all the information you need to use plants as a teaching tool in your classroom to engage young minds. Grades K-8. Meets National Science Standards.

View a sample lesson called Puzzled by Photosynthesis.

All of KidsGardening curriculum is sold through Gardener's Supply Company.

Schools and educational institutions can receive a 25% discount off the regular retail price for items from Gardener’s Supply (discount cannot be applied on top of other discounts). To take advantage of this discount, you must contact Stephanie Gueldner by email or at 802-861-7127 or 888-560-1037. Please mention source code KGO2021.