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Dream Gardens

It’s Kids Garden Month! Are you as excited as we are? This year, we’re asking gardeners age 0-18 to Dream Big! When children dream big, they can have a powerful and meaningful impact on their community. KidsGardening’s Dream Big contest is about using the garden as a place for creative expression, community engagement, and as a tool for empowering kids to realize their dreams.

While the contest is for kids, KidsGardening staff couldn’t help but get in on the fun. Here are a few of OUR dream gardens.

dream garden

Beth: My art skills are minimal at best, but my dream garden has LOTS of color from flowers, vegetables and fruits. It’s a space where my kids can dig and play in the mud, where very few weeds grow (because of magic, not pesticides) and where we have abundant food and flowers to share with friends and community.

dream gardens

Christine: Inspired by the production garden and orchard from a small family farm in rural mid-coast Maine where I used to work, my Dream Garden would include apple, pear and peach trees, a high tunnel overflowing with hot and sweet peppers, plenty of garlic, greens and pickling cucumbers, flowers galore, and handful of berry bushes. 

dream gardens

Kristen: My dream garden is centered around a community space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn about growing and eating healthy food, do yoga, enjoy music, and make friends! My raised beds have a mix of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are used in community classes about preserving the harvest, fermentation, herbalism, and more. On the north side of the garden is a line of big beautiful sunflowers. Also poking around are some chickens, my yellow lab Rigby, and some raspberry and blueberry bushes.

dream garden

Sarah: Although I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, blooming plants are my favorites which is why they are front and center in my dream garden. I love to surround myself with bright colors and sweet smells. Flowering plants feed your soul which I think is just as important as nourishing your body.  

What about you? What grows in your dream garden? Who visits, and why do you love it? Are your kids or students ready to enter? See the Kids Garden Month 2018 page for complete contest rules and prize details (spoiler alert: the prizes are fantastic). 


  1. I love flowers! And bees buzzing, and butterflies (even though the Monarch caterpillars eat every leaf off my milkweed plants) and birds soaring and chirping! I can’t imagine a day without being able to look and go outside to see them all!

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