dreaming big

We have been BLOWN AWAY by the creativity of the kids dreaming big for Kids Garden Month. From cheese sandwich plants to unicorn poop fertilizer, here are just a few of the amazing entries we've received so far. Look for more inspiration on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds!

We received a stack of lovely poems from a class of second graders at Arcola Elementary School. I wish I could share them all, but here’s just one:


A garden a garden a beautiful garden full, of flowers, lavenders, and roses.
I have to water the flowers to help them survive otherwise they’ll die
The butterfly’s fly, the bees buzz and the birds sing
My garden will have very beautiful trees, flowers, and plants
My garden will be the beautiful most of all
In my garden it will have a delightful smell

The Little Bears group from Raven’s Wood Outdoor School for Renegades worked together to create a story board and illustration of their dream garden. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Once upon a time, there was a fairy family. This family created a beautiful, magical garden. They decided to plant magical plants and flowers.

This Magical Garden had mammoth sunflowers that could touch the moon, and the roses could be smelled from five miles away. The garden had trees that guarded it, and rainbows that made wishes come true. There were magical cats that climbed the guard trees. They helped the trees to see. When there was an intruder, the cats told the guard trees to scare them away. 

Unicorn poop was used as fertilizer to make the plants magical. The fairies grew medicine plants, carrots, and strawberries. 

By Sadie, Reijo, Eli, Ian, Emmett, and James

Paula, a 9th grader, created this outstanding drawing that incorporates the many benefits of community gardens.

dreaming big

Kyla’s dream garden incorporates an insect hotel that will help pollinators survive in the city. Brilliant idea, Kyla!

Dreaming big

Shiloh’s dream garden has a cheese sandwich!

Did we mention we're giving out weekly AND grand prizes thanks to our friends at Gardener's Supply? Check out our Kids Garden Month page for all the details on weekly and grand prizes, contest rules, and how to submit your entries. We can't wait to hear from you!

Thank you to Chartwells for sponsoring Kids Garden Month!

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  1. These are amazing! One of my 2nd grade classes wrote this poem about our School Garden:


    By: Mrs. Morgan’s 1st Grade Class

    Plants dance like ants in the sun.
    Flowers have powers to tower to the sky.
    Soil is loyal and royal, so our plants grow tall.
    Rain will drain on the plants and help them sprout.

    Care is important to get rid of weeds.
    Wind can bend the trees and send love.
    Seeds have needs and they look like beads.
    Eating kale in the garden with friends is to sail through the waters of life.

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