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It’s garden grant season! This week I wanted to take a quick minute to point out all the garden grants open right now because many have quickly approaching deadlines.

At KidsGardening, our open grants include: Budding Botanist (due November 19), Youth Garden Grant (due December 17) and Carton 2 Garden Contest (due March 25, but accepting entries on a rolling basis).

Whole Kids Foundation’s Garden Grant and Bee Grant Programs are now accepting applications (due October 15). Captain Planet has a number of different grants programs open for environmental programming and gardening (many due on January 15).  Wild Ones Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund is also currently accepting applications (due date October 15). The soonest deadline, Nature Conservancy’s Nature Works Everywhere Grant is open and due this Friday, October 5. Lastly, Annie’s Grants for Gardens application is now available (due November 1).

Just FYI, whenever we locate a garden grant opportunity, we post it on our Grant Opportunities page. (And if you know of any we do not have listed, please send them my way).

Let me also mention two organizations whose programs are designed to help you raise money by providing you with crowd fundraising tools – Seed Money and Annie’s Garden Funder.

As someone who has read a lot of grant applications over the years and also written a lot of applications too, I want to leave you with one thought.  The number of amazing applications is always greater than the number of grants available. Both at work and in my volunteer life, I have applied for a lot (a lot) of grants and only gotten a small handful of them. I always have to remind myself that not getting a grant I have applied for is not a statement of the value of my program – just a sign that there was a lot of competition and that I need to keep looking for the best funding match. So even though I am sharing these grant opportunities with you today, I just wanted to mention that I know some times grants are a long shot (and a time consuming one at that), but keep in mind that having a strong proposal in your arsenal can also help you solicit local donations too. KidsGardening offers some additional grant writing tips if you're looking for help.

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