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Gardening has opened me up to a whole new world of healthful foods and how to enjoy them. After one season of gardening, though, I realized I was missing some key items in my kitchen that would make using what I grow in my garden a lot easier and more fun. I’ve spent the winter collecting the following items to help me do just that:

Fermentation Kit – I love my billions of friends in my gut and I do my best to keep them healthy. I’ve brewed my own kombucha for a few years, but growing my own cabbage inspired me to make sauerkraut and kimchi as well! It’s easy enough to make, but I found it difficult to keep the cabbage underneath the water line while waiting for it to ferment. This kit by Kilner makes it very easy, and I love that I can fit more than two whole heads of cabbage in there at once, rather than having 10 different mason jars sitting around my apartment.  

Salad Spinner – There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh greens from your own garden, but they can be difficult to rinse clean and store safely. I found that it took a lot of extra time to wash what I needed each day, and often they were still dirty or just too wet. If I washed them all at once, then they would be too wet to store in the refrigerator. This salad spinner allows me to wash and dry all my greens at once so they are clean and crisp when I’m ready to make a salad or smoothie. And nobody loves salad spinners more than kids! Beth says there’s always a battle in her house over which kid gets the first turn. You can even get a mini version for your kids’ play kitchen, or if you have a small amount of greens to clean.

French Press – I’ve been interested in learning more about herbalism for years, and gardening has given me a great outlet to do so! I started to make my own tinctures with the herbs I grew last year and have been using a french press to make the solution. It makes it super quick and easy!

I also picked up an herb drying rack, an herb stripper, and herb scissors to make preparing my herbs much easier (and more fun).

If any of these items sound like something you’d like to have in your kitchen for your next harvest, I have great news! You can purchase any of these items on Amazon and benefit KidsGardening at no cost to you. From now until March 31st, when you sign up for AmazonSmile, they'll TRIPLE the donation for your first purchase! It's an easy way to support garden-based learning. Simply select "KidsGardeningorg Inc" as your designated charity at and a percentage of your Amazon order will be donated.

What are your favorite kitchen tools to help preserve and enjoy your harvest? Let us know in the comments!

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