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For the fourth year in a row, KidsGardening partnered with PT Holdings, a company based in Addison, IL, to build a school garden in the suburbs of Chicago as part of their Giving Back Initiative. This past Saturday, three members of the KidsGardening team headed out to North Elementary School in Villa Park, IL, to work with over 150 volunteers on a series of exciting projects.

Over the course of a morning, PT Holdings staff and members of the North Elementary School community built eight raised beds, twelve benches, a 7’x7’ storage shed, and a weather station. Volunteers also transplanted over 100 plants, and moved 9.5 yards of mulch, 8 yards of soil, 1 yard of gravel and ½ a yard of compost. Whew! It takes a lot of volunteer-power to make a school garden happen so quickly.

Check out some pictures of this fantastic event...

garden build
Welcome to North Elementary
garden build
Here come the plants!
garden build
Check out that cool weather station! So many possible curriculum integrations.
garden build
It takes helpers big and small to get the job done.
garden build
Beautiful new garden beds. Amazing work, everyone!

Blog by: Christine Gall

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  1. Wow! What great teamwork! You should all be proud of your accomplishments, and more students can benefit from the work you started. Impressive.

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