Three photographs of kids in their gardens, that look like they are polaroids strung up on a line. The words Summer Photo Contest are underneath.

Category winners

Two photos from each categories were chosen as winners.

Kids in the Garden

A child wearing a jumpsuit with monstera plants on it kneels next to a raised bed and holds out a cucumber. The child is smiling.
Cucumber Love. Photographer Cameron Mitchell.

A group of kids wearing face coverings hold boxes of lettuce in a lush bountiful garden. In the center, a child holds their arms above their head.
Many hands might like work! -Sammy


A monarch butterfly lands on a child's nose, and their face scrunches up.
Raising Monarchs

A monarch on a child's outstretched hand. Behind him is an adult who looks surprised. Both are wearing black clothes and face coverings.
Fly, Be Free


Indoor Gardening

Lettuce growing in a glass jar. Outside, snow is visible on the ground.
Growing more lettuce from lettuce scraps. We can still grow some of our own veggies in northern NH even in the middle of winter!

A child holds a sweet potato up near their face. The sweet potato has a big tuber, roots, and stems & leaves.
Hydroponics, or Mr. Potato-Head.

Kids with Tiny or Huge Veggies

A child wearing rainbow striped pants holds a gigantic white daikon radish. They are standing on a deck and the house siding behind them is purple.
The Daikon radish that could feed us for a week

A small child wearing pink pants, boots, and hoodie holds a huge head of broccoli with large leaves.
Beautiful broccoli head, despite the late start and the high temps turned out delicious!


An orange sunflower with an orange bee
Sometimes like attracts like

Two small kids hold sunflowers up to their faces. One is holding the flowers on their eyes, and the other is smooshing the sunflower into their nose to smell it. Behind them are more sunflowers.
You can stop & smell the sunflowers OR take time to play with them.

Garden selfie

A child wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a unicorn headband takes a selfie in a flower garden.
Magical garden selfie

Teenagers squatting and standing behind many pots of plants. One is giving the thumbs up. Another is close to the camera, taking a selfie of the rest of the group.
Propagating Dragonfruit Selfie

Honorable mentions

Twenty photos were awarded honorable mentions

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