Growing Thriving Communities

Growing a Community of Young Gardeners

Our Growing Thriving Communities Campaign offers garden industry leaders like you an opportunity to nurture the next generation of gardeners

Kids and an adult in face coverings tending a raised garden bedIn 2020, KidsGardening received an unprecedented number of requests from educators hungry for not only lesson plans and grant opportunities, but inquiries about ways to network and connect with their peers as they adapt to new ways of teaching.

By providing an engaging, easy-to-use, online forum for garden educators to meet one another, share resources, successes and challenges, learn together, and receive funding, we are removing educators’ barriers to doing garden-based learning and increasing the number of kids in the US who have access to gardens.

KidsGardening's network is made up of over 42,000 educators across the country. We are bringing this group together with advisors from 15 of the largest youth garden organizations to launch the Kids Garden Community.

By 2025, the Kids Garden Community will:

  • Reach 20,000 educators and caretakers with high quality garden-based learning resources and direct networking experiences
  • Reach 500,000 children with garden programming

Sponsor Benefits

Level 1- $5k:

  • Logo and backlink on footer of home page for one year as a “Founding Partner”
  • Small logo on “Partners” page
  • Mention in one email to our entire list about the community
  • Small logo in our annual impact report

Level 2- $5- $10k:

  • All of the above, and;
  • Standard size logo on “Partners” page
  • Mention in one industry press release about the Community
  • Medium-sized logo in our annual impact report
  • Mention in 2 social media posts about the Community

Level 3- $10K - $20k:

  • All of the above, and;
  • Large logo in our annual impact report
  • Mention in 3 social media posts about the Community
  • One month of ad space on Community home page
  • Dedicated e-mail to our list

Level 4- $20K- $30k:

  • All of the above, and;
  • Largest size logo on “Partners” page
  • Mention in all press releases about the Community for one year
  • Mention in 5 social media posts about the Community
  • Three months of ad space on Community home page
  • Access to aggregated Community data from profiles, surveys, polls, etc., for 3 years
  • Rights to use KidsGardening logo on promotional materials

Become a supporter of the Kids Garden Community, a collaborative venture uniting garden educators nationwide

Now more than ever, teachers, caregivers, and youth leaders are seeking support for their garden-based learning programs. In response to this urgent need, we're launching an innovative, web-based platform that offers resources and opportunities to connect with peers.

A circular graphic with the words Community Benefits in the center, and the words thought leadership; youth garden best practices; peer-to-peer learning; Lesson Plans, Activities, Curricula, Webinars, Courses; Fundraising; and Mentorship surrounding the center.

Why KidsGardening?

KidsGardening has been a leader in the youth gardening movement for nearly 40 years. As a national nonprofit we inspire and support garden educators, volunteers, and families by offering grants, original educational resources to more than  2.6 million kids across the country.


87k reached through
curriculum publications

1.6 Million reached
through lesson plans

920k reached
through activities

88k reached through
grants and contests

Join us!

We're looking for partners to support this new development in garden activism and education. By October 2021, we aim to raise $250,000 to support the Community. Learn more about the campaign and benefits to your company.

Our friends at Gardener's Supply Company have generously agreed to make a gift of $30,000 if we meet this goal. This would allow us to launch and sustain the Community into the future. To learn more about our Growing Thriving Communities Campaign and the benefits to your organization, contact Em Shipman, [email protected],org, 802-660-4602, KidsGardening's executive director.

Founding Partners