This week's blog post is from our friends at Garden Tribe, an online class designed to get you growing a great veggie garden fast, with 21 lessons, how-to videos, and access to a private Facebook community!

At Garden Tribe we believe that growing your own food is a great way to help your kids develop their science skills, and their palates. Here are four ways to involve your kids in the garden this spring!

1. Create a new family tradition

GT_Cauliflower_for KidsGardeningProject: Designate an heirloom plant that your family will start growing every year.

Teaching point: Heirlooms are plants that have been grown by several generations of people. They are planted again and again because they have particularly desirable traits, such as exceptional color or flavor.

When you gather seeds from an heirloom plant, they will reliably reproduce the same plant. This makes heirlooms easy to save and grow again next year.


2. Plant a rainbow

GT_Tomatoes_for KidsGardening

Project: Grow more than three colors of the same plant, then have a taste-off!

Teaching point: Varieties of the same plant can differ in color, flavor, shape, size, time to harvest and length of harvest. Smart gardeners plan ahead to get bright, flavorful and long harvests.


3. Grow something fast and easy

GT_Radish_for KidsGardeningProject: Grow radishes. It’s a classic kids project for a reason: it’s delightfully easy.

Teaching point: Different crops take different amounts of time to mature. Radishes are one of the fastest growing foods, and can go from seed to mature in as little as a month. Mark the days off on a calendar to see just how quickly you can grow food.

Bonus points: let a few radishes flower and produce seeds, and repeat the cycle.

4. Connect to the bigger picture.

GT_Butterfly_for KidsGardeningProject: Plant flowers and natives to welcome wildlife.

Teaching point: Healthy food comes from healthy gardens, and healthy gardens are diverse ecosystems. The garden is connected to the greater world by the bees, bugs, butterflies and birds that come to visit. Take the time to notice what pollinators are in your yard, and share a picture or story through the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.


What are you teaching your kids about this spring?

Let us know by adding a comment below.

The person with the most original teaching point wins a free pass to Garden Tribe’s Boot Camp! It’s an online class designed to get you growing a great veggie garden fast, with 21 lessons, how-to videos, and access to a private Facebook community.


  1. Project: Grow a plot containing veggies representing each edible part of the plant (ex: leaves-lettuce, roots-carrot, flower-cauliflower, stem-celery, seeds-peas, fruit-tomato)

    Teaching Point: We eat every part of the plant–roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seed! Have the kids identify which part of the plant each veggie is and think of several more for each plant part.

    1. Congratulations, authorssmith, you’ve won a free pass to Garden Tribe’s Boot Camp! Thank you for participating in our Giveaway contest, we loved your response & project plan! Please email your full name and email address to [email protected] to collect your winnings.

      Stay tuned for more giveaways throughout Kids Garden Month, April 2016!

      The Team!

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