As I write this, it’s snowing here in Vermont for the first time this season. It was just a few short weeks ago that I put my garden to bed and said goodbye to my garden community; and to be honest, I was ready for the break and the coming season of rest and reflection. Even still the (at least) six months of cold weather here in Vermont makes for a little TOO MUCH time for rest and for being indoors.

Even if you don’t live in a climate quite this cold, we all feel the itch to connect with nature in new ways during the winter months. This is especially important for children. KidsGardening has a wealth of free activities that can be enjoyed during any time of the year, with or without garden space. With the holiday season fast approaching, I picked out a few following that theme that I thought you might enjoy. Check out KidsGardening Garden Activities for more ideas!

Make a Winterberry Wreath
The winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) is native to North America east of the Great Plains. Unlike most hollies, winterberry is deciduous, dropping all its leaves during the fall season to unveil densely packed sprays of bright red berries along its bare branches. These berries persist well into winter and feed many different species of birds. These showy fruits also make winterberry an ideal plant for nature-made holiday decorations.

Art in the Winter Garden
Want to put a new spin on your outdoor winter fun? Sparking far more creativity than the typical snowman, introduce your students or family to the work of sculptor and photographer Andy Goldsworthy; then let your imaginations go wild in your own winter garden.

Wild Bird Holiday Decorations
Filling trees and shrubs with festive treats for the birds enlivens the winter landscape and supports our feathered friends. Berried garlands and seeded ornaments can last after the holidays, when the winter months are snowiest. Handmade outdoor ornaments also make great gifts for kids to make and give.

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