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January 2021 Garden Journaling and Planning for Planting


December 2020 Succulents
November 2020 Composting
October 2020 Growing Techniques of Indigenous Peoples
September 2020 Food Forests
August 2020 Gardening Without a Garden
July 2020 Hydroponics is Fun
June 2020 Pollinators and Dandelions
May 2020 Math in the Garden
April 2020 Photosynthesis
March 2020 Fruits and Vegetables
February  2020 Kindness and Compassion in the Garden
January 2020 Bromeliads and Tropical Rainforests


December 2019 Scents and Plants of the Holidays
November 2019 Celebrating Soil
October 2019 Birds in the Garden Ecosystem
September 2019 Carnivorous Plants
August 2019 Photography in the Garden
July 2019 Literacy in the Garden
June 2019 All About Pollinators
May 2019 Exploring the Carbon Cycle
April 2019 Sensory Gardens and Designing for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder
March 2019 Nutrition in the Garden
February 2019 Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!
January 2019 Make Spring Come Early


December 2018 Hydroponics
November 2018 Leaf Explorations
October 2018 All About Soil
September 2018 Seeds and Weeds
August 2018 Reuse and Recycle
July 2018 Learning About Light
June 2018 Celebrate and Welcome Pollinators
May 2018 History in the Garden
April 2018 An Inclusive Garden
March 2018 Farmers Market
February 2018 Prehistoric Gardens
January 2018 Make New Plants


December 2017 Indoor Plants
November 2017 Trees, Please
October 2017 Seed Saving
September 2017 Preserving the Harvest
August 2017 Dig into Composting
July 2017 All About Weather
June 2017 Plant for Pollinators
May 2017 Herb Gardens
April 2017 Garden by Age
March 2017 Eat and Grow a Rainbow
February 2017 Plant Dyes
January 2017 Growing Under Lights


December 2016 Winter Birds in the Garden
November 2016 Rain Gardens and Bird Habitat
October 2016 All About Bulbs
September 2016 Safe Harvesting
August 2016 Insect Safari
July 2016 Three Sisters Garden

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