For Educators

Garden-based learning offers students of all ages hands-on, experiential opportunities.

Connect your students’ learning to the natural world through gardening.

Garden-related learning experiences offer practical connections to a wide range of teaching objectives and curricular standards. Many gardening activities can be done in your classroom or school green space if a dedicated garden space is not available. Our experienced garden educators have created engaging lessons on a wide range of subjects for students of all ages.

Whether you are new to gardening or an experienced green thumb, we are here to support you! Each lesson and growing season offers opportunities to try new things, and be surprised by what nature may throw your way.

Starting a Youth Garden

Gather a team and design your garden to fit your needs and space available. Over and over, the advice we hear from educators and garden leaders is to start small! You can always grow your garden program, but starting with reasonable goals and expectations will ensure success and help you avoid burnout.

Teach Through the Garden

The garden is ripe for discovery, for students of all ages and in a wide range of subjects. Beyond obvious connections to science, from art to math, and history to literature, the garden is a great place to offer hands-on exploration of your subject matter. If you are new to bringing your class outside, we have tips to help the experience go smoothly.

Get Inspired

Youth garden programs across the country are engaging kids in creative and innovative ways! Read about a few of these programs to spark your own ideas of how to engage the kids in your community.

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