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KidsGardening Activity E-kit Archive

Archived Editions of KidsGardening Activity E-kit

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December 2020: Gifts to Make and Give
November 2020: For the Birds
October 2020: Play with Your Food
September 2020: Math in the Garden
August 2020: End of Garden Abundance
July 2020: Reading and Poetry in the Garden
June 2020: Pressed and Printed Flowers
May 2020: Scavenger Hunts and Wildlife Inventory
April 2020: Pollinators
March 2020: All About Seeds
February 2020: Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle
January 2020: Fun and Fanciful Indoors or Out

December 2019: The Wonder of Winter
November 2019: Beautiful Bulbs
October 2019: Celebrate Fall

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Fun Garden Activities for Kids!

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