Garden Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Inspire students' natural curiosity and wonder with hands-on learning experiences and inquiry-based exploration.


Eat A Rainbow

Grades 3-6

Lettuce Be Healthy

Grades K-5

Pollinators and Wildlife

Insect Safari

Grades K-12

Winter Bird Observation

Grades 3-8

Planning a Pollinator Garden

Grades 4-8

Soils and Environment

Decomposition Observation Bags

Grades 2-4

Weather-Tracking Tools

Grades 3-6

The Plant-Soil Relationship

Grades 3-5

Soil Texture & Composition

Grades 3-6

Rain Gardens

Grades 9-12

Plant Science

Journey to the Center of a Seed

Grades K-4

Chill Out

Grades 3-6

Bulb Botany

Grades 3-6

Plants in Space

Grades 4-8

Growing Garden Companions

Grades 6-12

Arts and Culture

Create a School Garden Business

Grades 6-12

Host a Community Planning Event

Grades 6-12

Growing Poems

Grades 2-8

Exploring Plant Dyes

Grades K-8

Three Sisters Garden

Grades K-5