lessons to grow by

Lessons to Grow By

Lessons to Grow By is a FREE four-month program of weekly garden themed lessons and activities for parents teaching at home, or for educators instructing via distance learning. These fun, engaging adventures are grouped around a monthly theme, featuring three hands-on activities for kids each week with supplemental suggested reading, videos, and more. Lessons to Grow By is aimed at learners in grades 3-5, but the activities can easily be adapted for younger or older audiences.

Lessons to Grow By is only available by subscription. New materials will be sent every Monday (for holidays, emails will be sent on Tuesday.) Add your name and email below in order to access these special learn-from-home lessons. You can sign up at any time to see past weeks' or month's materials.

Month 1: Pollinators

Month 2: Plant Parts

Want a peek of what to expect? Here are the materials for Pollinators: Week 1, What is pollination?


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