Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Sponsor With KidsGardening.org?

KG.org is known for creating win-win collaborations with corporate sponsors. Beginning with our Youth Garden Grant Program in 1982, KG.org with the help of our generous  corporate sponsors have offered grant and award programs benefiting an estimated 1.5 million children across the United States and contributing close to $4.4 million dollars in funding to youth gardening initiatives.


The KidsGardening.org web site is the go-to resource and hub for educators, administrators, parents, and community volunteers who want to learn more about how to create successful youth and school gardens and how to engage kids through gardening lesson and activities.  Our easy-to-use site provides a wide range of content including online lesson plans, gardening how-tos, inspirational stories and garden grant information.   We reach out regularly to more than 150K youth garden enthusiasts across the U.S. through our blog, newsletter and social media.

In addition to delivering critical supplies and resources to youth gardens through our grant and award programs, KG.org also tracks the success of our winners by collecting year end surveys and creating impact reports to share with sponsors and our audience. This evaluation process provides us with data showing the many benefits of school and youth gardening, from increased environmental awareness to increased consumption of healthier foods.  

To learn more about partnering with KidsGardening please get in touch at [email protected] . Thanks!