Repurposing Milk Cartons for the Garden

We are so pleased to once again work with our friends at Pactiv Evergreen to share ideas on repurposing cartons for use in the garden!

Their new school program, PlantCarton Life offers downloadable carton craft and nature activities to inspire you to find creative and fun ways to teach kids the importance of the 4 R's - reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing.

The Nature Activity section features lessons: Exploring Hydroponics, Lettuce Eat a Rainbow, Protecting Pollinators, Kitchen Scrap Gardening, Life Cycle of a Tomato and Carton Landfill. Additionally, there is a great collection of craft ideas that can help you turn your milk cartons into birdhouses, manatees, racecars, pencil holders, and more!

Download these activities and many more at PlantCarton Life.

Encourage your students to enter the Student Carton Design contest. To launch the new PlantCarton Life website, Pactiv Evergreen is hosting a contest for students to design their own milk cartons! Students can share their ideas, fun facts, jokes, games, and even designs and if selected, they could appear on the Plant Carton Life website or on cartons across the United States.