Quick Pickle Your Garden
We love cooking garden-grown food with kids! Not only can cooking encourage kids to try something new, it also allows them to have ownership of what they make. Moreover, there are no limits when it comes to cooking or gardening - just endless possibilities. Each meal becomes even more fun when you can make the best with what you have, get creative in the process, and cultivate the sense of satisfaction that comes from preparing something from seed to plate and savoring what you create!

We are excited to share a fun recipe AND a related GIVEAWAY!

A graphic with images and words. Not all the words are legible, but Best Plants for Pickling, Garden Tips, and Pickle Recipe are.Cooking Garden Activity Pack

In partnership with Smart Pot, KidsGardening is sharing a three-part Garden Activity Pack series filled with creative ways for using Smart Pot grow bags in your garden. Our first is this Cooking Garden Activity Pack with a fun activity on how to Quick Pickle Your Garden!

This downloadable activity includes:

  • The best pickling plants to grow
  • How to plant and maintain your Smart Pot gardens
  • A tasty and simple quick pickle recipe

Download "Quick Pickle Your Garden"

Containers are perfect for gardening with kids because they: 

  • Allow you to garden anywhere there is sun
  • Can be moved as the seasons and weather changes
  • Are great for urban areas, patios, or balconies
  • Are low to the ground and be accessed from all sides

Why should you pickle your garden harvest?

  • Pickling preserves the freshness of vegetables and extends their shelf life.
  • It is a great way to use any excess of produce and continue to enjoy it throughout times when your garden isn’t producing.
  • It’s easy - all you need are vegetables and a few ingredients for the brine.
  • You can get creative with flavors and experiment with spices and herbs that suit your palate.
  • Making homemade pickles from scratch is a kid-friendly cooking activity and so much fun!

GIVEAWAY: Win a 1-gallon KidsGardening Smart Pot!

In partnership with Smart Pot, KidsGardening is giving away TEN Smart Pots!
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  • Art - April 2022: Grow plants in your Smart Pot that you can use to create colorful art.

Why are Smart Pots so smart?

Unlike other types of pots, Smart Pots allow your plants to have better root aeration, water drainage, and temperature regulation.

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Lily Nguyen