Landscape Design for Youth Gardens e-Course

A youth garden provides opportunities for kids to play, learn, and grow through plant-based and garden-based activities. But how do we design youth gardens to facilitate play, learning, and engagement for all kids?

Enter KidsGardening's Landscape Design for Youth Gardens e-course.

The course is available to start asynchronously anytime!

A school garden, with stumps in the foreground, plants in the middle ground, and the school in the background

About the Landscape Design for Youth Gardens e-Course

Thoughtfully developed, piloted, and refined with our peers over the last year, this course introduces participants to the basic steps and elements of landscape design that can be used to plan an interactive, fun, and sustainable youth garden.

Learn more about the course and instructors, Sarah Lineberger Pounders and Amy Wagenfeld.

Participants will receive all the knowledge they need to design a youth-friendly garden that is engaging and appealing to youth and their communities.

We focus on applying basic design techniques to help gardening educators, community volunteers/leaders, and family members start or expand a gardening journey with the kids in their lives.

Course Objectives

Through this course, participants will explore each of the following through the lens of creating garden spaces for youth:

  • Basic landscape design steps and principles
  • Youth-friendly plant selection, garden themes, and hardscape elements
  • Accessible design elements to create garden spaces for diverse youth audiences
  • Garden structures and techniques to ease maintenance and support sustainability

Course Structure

This course will include eight pre-recorded video sessions.

Each module also includes suggested readings and an optional ‘lab’ component for students who want to dive deeper into the topic by completing a related hands-on assignment on their own time and then sharing their work with other students.