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Fred Hutchins

Fred Hutchins is founder and president of EPS, Inc., a company that provides compliance and verification services intended to ensure accuracy of Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments paid for subsidized housing, by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). EPS, Inc. is recognized as expert on HUD’s TRACS Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System, a computer system developed to help improve financial controls over assisted housing programs.

Fred has more than twenty years of direct involvement with TRACS and other HUD reporting systems used to ensure Section 8 payments are correct. EPS has been nationally recognized by HUD for their work and Fred is active in various HUD and Contract Administration forums. He is known as a lead contributor on TRACS issues, has written various guides used by HUD Multifamily Housing, and has presented TRACS training modules, nationwide.

Fred spent approximately four years in Ghana as a Peace Corps volunteer and USAID employee working on various rural development projects. After receiving an MBA from the University of Vermont, Fred moved to Stowe, Vermont, where he has been Town Manager, has served on the Stowe School Board, and is an active community volunteer.