Corporate Day of Service Garden Build

For more than 40 years, KidsGardening has used our experience as youth garden designers and educators to install and improve high-impact, fun, and sustainable youth gardens across the country.

An adult and a child work together in a garden

Sponsor a School or Youth Garden

For more than 40 years, KidsGardening has used our experience as youth garden designers and educators to install and improve high-impact, fun, and sustainable youth gardens across the country.

Corporate Giving and Volunteer Events

Our expertise, guidance, and streamlined services ensure efficient communication and collaboration, making it easy for your organization and a given school, educational facility, or youth center to fully engage in the exciting process of creating or improving a youth garden!

Build a Garden Together

From companies looking to make an impact in their community through a one-time event, school districts wanting to revitalize unused garden spaces, and corporations interested in a day of service or annual volunteer initiatives, we can design and project-manage a garden installation or day of service in any community across the United States.


  • Corporate day of service
  • Corporate and employee volunteer days
  • Corporate giving
  • Community service events for companies
  • Media events and PR opportunities
  • Building goodwill and reputational benefits
  • Community relationship-building
  • Brand-building

Garden Build as a Day of Service

Our expertise includes gardens for youth of all ages, from preschool to high school. We can lead a garden installation at formal education settings like schools and child care centers or at informal learning spaces like libraries, YMCAs, or club locations.

We can work with you to organize a garden installation or day of service. Services include:

  • Determining your goals
  • Recommending locations for the garden build or day of service
  • Project managing an on-the-ground build event or garden day of service, including designs, materials, and coordination

For information regarding KidsGardening’s project management and consultation services and related fees, contact Sarah Lane at [email protected].

Below are examples of a few of our previous garden installations:

Smiling adults are standing around a sign in a garden.

McCain Garden Builds

Plover, WI & Appleton, WI
Year: 2023

In support of their Planet Friendly Ambassadors program, McCain Foods partnered with KidsGardening to build two new youth gardens in Wisconsin!

Projects at the Boys and Girls Club of Portage County in Plover included removing existing sod and replacing it with decomposed granite, installing wooden edging around the garden perimeter, constructing five raised beds, staining four picnic tables, putting together one potting table, and digging six holes to create a sun-sail shaded area.

At Ronald Dunlap Elementary in Appleton, projects included constructing seven raised beds, staining four picnic tables, building one whiteboard, putting together a storage container, painting a shed, and installing many native plants. More woodchip mulch was added to the new growing areas and the native plant area. A wood edge was installed to complete the space.

Read more about the process of building these two youth gardens!

Two people kneeling on the ground, putting something together

PT Holdings Garden Build

York Center Elementary, Lombard, IL
Year: 2022

KidsGardening and PT Holdings hosted a garden installation event at York Center Elementary in Lombard, Illinois, transforming an unused grassy space into a school garden and outdoor classroom. More than 75 volunteers showed up to construct eight raised beds, four benches, four picnic tables, two bean forts, two large sun sails, two trellised entries, a garden shed, a compost tumbler, and a pollinator garden expansion that included a rain barrel stand, edging, and a lattice for vertical gardening. The garden now offers more than 250 children the opportunity to learn about pollinators, fruits, vegetables, and sensory plants. Read more about this corporate day of service garden installation.

Children and adults sitting on a custom garden bench with the Gabby's Dollhouse logo and characters

DreamWorks Animation Garden Installation

The Caring Center, Philadelphia, PA
Year: 2021

KidsGardening joined folks from the Caring Center to celebrate the installation of a “Kitty Fairy-Tail Garden” in partnership with DreamWorks Animation and their show Gabby’s Dollhouse. The garden installation added eight new raised beds, a planting bench, three apple trees, and more. The gathering, which coincided with Earth Day, included planting activities, seed ball making, and most importantly, the unveiling of the new garden space! See more details from this fun planting day celebration.

An adult and a child give each other a high five wearing garden gloves.

ProFlowers Garden Expansion

Sequoia Elementary School - San Diego, CA
Year: 2017

KidsGardening worked with ProFlowers and Sequoia Elementary School to design a garden addition that would integrate seamlessly with their pre-existing growing space. During the installation, a team of three KidsGardening staff led a group of 15 ProFlowers volunteers to assemble four prefabricated raised beds (4’ x 6’) and two composting systems. Volunteers also installed a 27’ x 3’ succulent garden and planted three small fruit trees. Read more about this corporate volunteer garden expansion event, tied to a product promotion.

Kids in black aprons walking around a garden filled with raised beds.

Carson Daly and KidsGardening Plant a Garden

Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary School and Exceed Charter, Brooklyn, NY
Year: 2014

In collaboration with Carson Daly and the TODAY Show, KidsGardening created a new garden space at the Brooklyn Arts and Science Elementary School and Exceed Charter. The build included 52 raised beds, over 400 plants, 15 pallets of organic soil, flooring, and irrigation. This ideal edible school garden provides fresh fruits and vegetables as well as important environmental education lessons to 400 children. Learn more about this ideal edible food garden on a school campus.

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