Dream Big – Kids Garden Month 2018 Winners

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Kids Garden Month 2018

Thank you to every kid, parent, and educator who participated this year!

Individual Grand Prize winner

Congratulations to Paula Brown from Hempfield Area High School, whose dream garden is a community vegetable garden! Her work, below, illustrates the many nutritional, social, and environmental benefits of gardening. 

Group/Class Grand Prize winners

Congratulations, Mrs. Polanski’s second grade class at Arcola Elementary! Each student wrote a lovely poem, as well as a phenomenal drawing describing their dream garden. A few examples of poems and drawings are below.

My   dream   garden   poem      

My dream garden would be a garden with trees, flowers, and buzzing bees.
There would be flowers as white as snow and flowers as yellow as the sun.
There would be three paths.
The best path would be a path which leads to a café with food, drinks, flowers, chairs and tables.
There was another path which had animals like deer, foxes, and birds.

The last path had beautiful plants.


My dream garden poem

My dream garden it has lots flowers outside
It is an art room
in the art room I see paintings of famous presidents
and of the revelatory war
and presidents and George Washington picture
and his widow he had married
and very comfort chairs and outside of the art room
is trees with blossoms on the trees then
a swing and really nice pillows that are fluffed
and the bird songs and the colors of the bird’s feathers
and the nice relaxing chairs where you can do lots of math science
stem and I will let other people come in my chairs and the art
and they will be able to come in my art room and paint
really good pictures and they will be a nice art teacher
we will be able to donate food and I will put a garden
I will put lots off fruits and vegetables and grains
And they will keep on doing and repeat and then there will be
Of dragon dads and people will be able to see the nice view

My dream garden poem…

Oh my wonderful dream garden,
Were you can comfortably lie,
Seeing the wonderful flowers,
That will never ever die.
With some beautiful blossoms,
And beautiful trees,
You will just fall in love,
With the colorful leaves.
Oh the beautiful places
In my beautiful land
Where every things beautiful
No matter what.

THE END!!!!!


Kids Garden Month is sponsored by Chartwells, a team of chefs, dietitians and operators who cook and serve meals in more than 4,000 schools across the country. 


Congratulations to our weekly winners, whose submission was randomly chosen to win a TubTrug of kids gardening gear provided by Gardener’s Supply Company!

April 10: Shiloh

April 17: Aaniya

April 23: Milford Garden Club

May 1: Spectacular Seven, Discovery Woods School

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