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Chartwells K12 eat. learn. live. School Garden Program
Chartwells Garden 1, 2, 3 Quick Start Guide

About Chartwells K12 and Partnership:

Chartwells K12 and created the eat. learn. live. School Garden Program, a first-of- its-kind comprehensive resource. The program guides our teams and educators through the process of successfully developing, growing and sustaining school gardens regardless of space, climate or resources they may have currently available.

Chartwells K12 and have created a wealth of gardening and nutrition educational resources including the eat. learn. live. School Garden Program, and a Garden 1, 2, 3 quick start guide for those considering starting a garden. This program was recently recognized as a 2016 BEST CONCEPT by Food Management Magazine. This honor showcases outstanding innovation in the food service industry, and the eat. learn. live, School Garden Program stood out as a comprehensive tool to help guide school districts to develop and sustain a school garden!

Chartwells not only wants more gardens in their schools, it’s about more gardens in all schools so we have made all of these resources available to schools for free.

Explore Chartwells Garden 1, 2, 3 and nutrition education resources or email us at [email protected] to receive a copy of the eat. learn. live. School Garden Program!

2016 Eat. Learn. Live. and Grow Webinars

Join us for our new pilot Webinar program sponsored by Chartwells K12. Offered monthly from July to December 2016, it will be presented by nationally known gardening author and media personality Charlie Nardozzi, along with Education Specialist, Sarah Pounders.

Webinars will include topics such as garden preparation, volunteer recruitment, integration of garden-based learning into the school curriculum, partnerships with café staff, nutrition education in the garden, indoor gardening, extending the garden season, and garden cleanup.

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Think Spring: Prepping Your Garden for the Next Season
Click to watch the Webinar | Click to download “Seed Saving” PDF | Download “Garden End of the Year Survey for Student Gardeners” PDF | Download “Garden End of the Year Survey for Educators and Volunteers” PDF | Download “Garden Year End Report” PDF


Harvesting the Most from your School Garden
Click to watch the Webinar | Chartwells eat. learn. live. School Garden Program | Chartwells Garden 1, 2, 3 Quick Start Guide | Chartwells Simply Good Nutrition Guides | Chartwells Food Safety Plan










Integrating the School Garden: Classroom & Café
Click to watch the WebinarClick to Download Benefits of School Gardens PDF | Online Webinar Resources PDF










Engaging Volunteers and Ideas for Fall Plantings
August 16, 2016, 2pm EDT – Click to watch the Webinar!












School Garden Success: Solving Insect and Disease Problems and Grant Writing Tips
Click to Download Chartwell’s Pest Control PDF | Click to Download Grant Writing Tips


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FBgroupWe are here to answer your questions! Each Eat. Learn. Live and Grow Webinar will be accompanied by a Facebook Forum, titled with the topic presented. This will allow for post-webinar questions, discussion, and an opportunity to sign up for next month’s webinar. Register to be added to the Eat. Learn. Live. and Grow Facebook Forum


Congratulations to the at. learn. live. and Grow Grant Winners!

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About Charlie Nardozzi

Charlie Nardozzi

Charlie Nardozzi is a nationally recognized garden writer, speaker, and radio and television personality. He has worked for more than 25 years bringing expert gardening information to home gardeners. Charlie delights in making gardening information simple, easy, fun and accessible to everyone. His energy, exuberance, and love of the natural world make him a popular public speaker and presenter.

About Sarah Pounders

Sarah Pounders – Education Specialist

Sarah Pounders has been active in the field of youth gardening for over 20 years and has been Education Specialist at since 2005. She has coordinated numerous children’s garden programs and conducted research on the benefits of using school gardens to teach nutrition curricula. She writes curricula and activities for youth of all ages and conducts both youth education programs and teacher training sessions on integrating gardens into the classroom. Sarah also enjoys gardening at home with her two young children and serves as the volunteer garden coordinator at her daughter’s elementary school.

As participants in the pilot series, we will be asking for your feedback and suggestions to help us craft a program that will serve as an important resource for school garden programs across the country. We realize you may not be able to attend all of the sessions live, so all webinars will be recorded so that you can watch them when time allows.