Gardening Resources for Early Childhood Educators

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation, National Head Start Association and KidsGardening have joined together to combat some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s youngest generation, improving access to healthy food and increasing time spent outdoors connected to nature. The three-year partnership will work to bring the powerful, life-enhancing benefits of gardens to one million at-risk Head Start children and families across the country each year through the development of edible gardens and hands-on garden education.

Gardens are an amazing resource in early childhood education classrooms. They offer hands-on learning experiences and provide the chance for inquiry-based exploration while also inspiring children's natural curiosity and wonder. Garden activities can readily be integrated into the curriculum and designed to support the cognitive, physical, social and development of young children. Additionally, they provide ample opportunities to engage families and community members. Some noted benefits of garden-based education programs include:

  • Build an understanding of and respect for nature and the environment
  • Motivate kids to eat and love fruits and vegetables
  • Provide opportunities for hands-on learning, inquiry, observation and experimentation
  • Promote physical activity and quality outdoor experiences
  • Teach kids to nurture and care for other living things while developing patience
  • Offer opportunities for positive social interactions and team building experiences with students, families and community members

Gro More Good Webinar Series

Join us for a year-long webinar series to discover the many ways gardening activities can be used to promote the health and wellness of young children and their families.

Gro More Good Webinar; Fall in the Head Start Garden
October 3, 3:00-4:0pm ET
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Gro More Good Webinar; Winter in the Head Start Garden
January 8, 3:00-4:0pm ET
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Gro More Good Webinar; Spring in the Head Start Garden
March 5, 3:00-4:0pm ET
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Gro More Good Webinar; Summer in the Head Start Garden
May 7, 3:00-4:0pm ET
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