Kids Garden Month Winners

How does your garden take care of you?

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Congratulations to our Kids Garden Month winners!

We were so amazed by all the wonderful entries this year! It was amazing to see so many kids playing, learning, and growing in their gardens. Thank you to every person who shared how their garden takes care of them!

Individual Grand Prize Winner -- Sadie

Sadie is 10 years old, and drew a picture showing five ways her garden cares for her.

My garden takes care of me in these ways: 1. Trees give you oxygen; 2. A garden is home to many animals; 3. Vegetables give you food; 4. If you sell food, you get money. 5. Decomposers decompose dead things.

A drawing of mountains, the sky, a garden, a tree, and a gardener.

Group Grand Prize Winner -- Environmental Charter School

Deirdre, the teacher who submitted the entries for the students at Environmental Charter School writes:

Many of the 3rd and 4th graders at ECS have been learning, eating and playing in our school gardens since kindergarten. When we gave them this year's contest prompt, they were inspired and their creativity took off! As a teacher, it was so fun to see how engaged they were in putting their unique talents into their responses for the prompt. All they needed from me was to give them class time and hold the camera. It was really inspiring to see how they connect the garden to their lives.

The group submitted several videos and two poems! (All nine videos are included in one playlist below.)

Thank you to our prize package sponsor, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day.

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