Kids Garden Month Contest

An annual celebration of kids in the garden!

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Kids Garden Month

Kids Garden Month is our annual celebration of kids in the garden! Each April, we host a contest to celebrate kid gardeners, as well as lifting up the many positive benefits gardening has on kids and their communities.

Three people holding up a few poles in a garden. One is flashing the peace sign.

About the Kids Garden Month Contest

While much of our work is for the adults that work with kids in the garden, Kids Garden Month is all about hearing from kids themselves! We want kids to share what they love about gardening with a picture, video, song, dance, poem, art, craft, or anything else they can think of! Creativity is encouraged!

Kids ages 0-18 are eligible to participate. Entries are welcome from around the world, but only entries from the US and US territories are eligible to win prizes. 

Previous Contest Winners

Over the past years, thousands of kids have participated in Kids Garden Month. Meet a few of our contest winners.

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Our next Kids Garden Month contest will begin April 1, 2024!

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Adults! You can join in on the Kids Garden Month fun in the Kids Garden Community!

A drawing of a fish in a tank with plants growing on top of the tank.

2023 Kids Garden Month

"Let's grow together"

A drawing of mountains, the sky, a garden, a tree, and a gardener.

2022 Kids Garden Month

"How does your garden take care of you?"

Kids in front of their school, some are holding garden tools, some are in wheelchairs

2021 Kids Garden Month

"Why do you love your garden?"