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Plant Needs

In this series of Lessons to Grow By, we are exploring plant needs. For healthy growth and development, plants must obtain just the right amounts of light, water, air, and nutrients and they also need space to grow. These five requirements are the basic needs for all plant life. Fortunately for our world full of diverse environments, different plants need different amounts of each of these essentials so there are plants well adapted to grow in almost all environmental conditions. Through these activities, kids will investigate plant needs to better understand how to be take care of their green friends while also gaining a deeper appreciation for how the living and nonliving elements in an ecosystem work together.

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Week 2: Water

Learning Objectives:
This week focuses on the plant need of water. Kids will:

  • Learn about the water cycle and the role plants play in this important natural process.
  • Investigate how much water plants need and what happens if they get too little or too much water.
  • Compare the benefits and challenges of different kinds of watering methods.

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Week 1: Light

Learning Objectives:
This week focuses on the plant need of light. Kids will:

  • Learn about light and the different sources of light for plants.
  • Investigate how the amount of light available to plants impacts their growth and health.
  • Explore how plants are adapted to need different amounts of light.

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