Nutritower Giveaway

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KidsGardening has partnered with Nutritower to give away a top-of-the-line hydroponic indoor gardening system. Ideal for classrooms or a home kitchen, the Nutritower is entirely soil free. The Nutritower also comes with an educational package that includes 25 lesson plans to help teachers incorporate indoor gardening into a variety of cross-curricular activities. Students will gain knowledge and increased food appreciation from seed to harvest. 

The Nutritower is a revolutionary appliance that lets you harvest fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs without messy soil all year round. This complete growing system comes with 4 x 48″ T5 Fluorescent lights, 32 growing pots, 32 filters, 32 grow baskets, 32 basket clips, watering tubes, digital water cycle timer, growing medium, nutrients, seedling starter kit, and assembly tools.

The Nutritower comes with an easy to program cycle-timer. The system delivers hydroponic liquid nutrients for use with the Nutritower indoor garden that will make sure your veggies get the water and nutrients they need throughout the day. Your seedlings take root in custom designed pots that are filled with Growstone (included). They’re then automatically watered by the hydration system that ensures a continuous flow of moisture and nutrients to your plants. This helps them grow up to 25% faster, all while keeping your home or classroom completely mess free.