Biodegradable garden gloves – 6 pairs (S or M)


Each purchase contains 6 pairs of gloves. 

Biodegradable and sustainable! These gloves are available in sizes small or medium, designed for womens’ hands OR great option for older children or teenagers. See a size chart here.

Landfill biodegradable ZeroWasteTM nylon seamless knit degrades in 5 years in anaerobic landfill conditions.

Conductive coating on palm and fingers can be used on all touchscreen devices. 

Watson Gloves nitrile gloves will break down in landfill conditions due to the ReclaimTM additive in the nitrile formation as well as in the ZeroWasteTM nylon yarn at extrusion stage. Biodegradation only begins when the gloves are discarded in landfills conditions