Botany on Your Plate


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Taste Your Way to Nutrition with the Botany on Your Plate Curriculum

  • Engaging, hands-on activities make learning about plants fun and delicious
  • Each lesson focuses on a different plant part
  • Introduce young gardeners to nutritious eating with tasting activities!

Students observe, dissect, journal, discuss, and taste their way through the world of plants in this investigative science curriculum. An engaging guide full of hands-on activities, each lesson begins with opportunities for students to taste different edible plant parts sparking curiosity, interesting questions and social dialogue. Following the tasting, additional activities use an inquiry approach to engage children to act like botanists by observing and collecting data, discussing findings, and reflecting on what they learn as they study edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.

View a sample lesson plan that will have kids dissecting and comparing two different seeds.