Plants and Garden Themes for Young Children
Topic: theme gardens, getting started
Grade Level: Preschool
Location(s): Indoor, Outdoor
Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
small sunflower growing in garden
Design a Garden
Find plants young kids will love to grow and garden themes to inspire fun and exploration.

Child peering out from a bean fortPlants for PreK Gardens
A list of some of the best annual and perennial plants for ECE gardens.


Sensory Plants
Some of our favorite plants to engage all your senses.


Landscape Plants for Play and Learning
This article provides a description of design considerations when selecting plants for playscapes.


NC State University’s Plant Toolbox
This database helps you determine which plants to avoid when planning your ECE garden and when landscaping your play spaces.


KidsGardening Theme Garden Ideas
This article shares many popular theme ideas for home and school gardens.


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