Fruit and Vegetable Art
Topic: projects & crafts, edibles
Time to Complete: 15 minutes
Grade Level: Preschool, K-2, 3-5
Location(s): Indoor
Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
fruit and vegetable art
Make eating fruits and vegetables fun by letting your young gardener turn their plate into a consumable work of art.


  • A variety of fruits and vegetables cut into various size pieces
  • 2 or more plates
  • Toothpicks (optional)
  • Dips such as ranch or yogurt (optional)


  1. Finding fun ways to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables is an ever-present challenge for parents. Make eating fruits and vegetables fun by turning their plates into canvases.Fruits and vegetables come in a wide variety of colors.
    fruit and vegetable art

    A happy kid with a fruit flag.

    Eating a Rainbow is not only fun, but it also provides a health boost since the pigments in the fruits and vegetables responsible for the color are also indicators of some of the nutrients available. In addition to color, fruits and vegetables also offer a variety of shapes, sizes and textures – the perfect tools for creating works of art.

  2. Begin by collecting a variety of fruits and vegetables. Wash and dry your produce and then cut into bit-sized pieces and place in a bowl or on a plate. Depending on the age and skill level, allow children to help with prep as appropriate. You can use small cookie cutters in the shapes of circles, stars, etc. or a melon baller for additional options.
  3. Give each child a second plate to serve as a workspace and then set them loose to create a 3-D picture or mini sculpture using the fruits and vegetables provided. Depending on their age, you can also give them toothpicks to help their creation take form. They can compliment their art work with dip or dressing.If your kids need some inspiration, author Saxton Freymannhas a collection of books featuring creatively carved fruits and vegetables you may want to check out.
  4. Once complete, snap a photo of each creation to document their art. Once you have a collection of photos, the children may even want to write a book of their own starring their fruit and veggie creations.
    Have them take one last look to enjoy the beauty of the creations and then start eating. Engaging, beautiful, delicious and nutritious – what a combination!

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