Amelia Dupuis, a white woman with brown hair smiling at camera with flowers in the background
Amelia Dupuis
Kids Garden Community Manager & Administrative Director

Amelia joined KidsGardening in 2016 after graduating from the University of Vermont with a B.A in Business Administration. Always eager to learn and embrace new challenges, she manages the Kids Garden Community and supports the administration and operations of KidsGardening.

Growing up in rural Vermont where the cows outnumber the residents, Amelia experienced firsthand agriculture’s impact on individuals and communities. From an early age, she grew to love the labor of caring for landscapes and gardens. Mowing the lawn was a weekly highlight, strawberry picking trips across the border with her Memere were a treat, and her mother’s “world-famous” zucchini relish was a summer staple.

Amelia is pleased to share the same enthusiasm for gardening and outdoor activities that shaped her upbringing with a new generation of gardeners.