Budding Botanist Grant Now Open!

Garden Grant Focused on Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability!

With schools back in session, kids are checking on what their school gardens were up to over the summer. Did their plants survive? Is there a fun treat ready to be harvested? Are there weeds everywhere?!

KidsGardening is also excited about school starting and is delighted to partner again with the Klorane Botanical Foundation to offer the Budding Botanist Grant!

The program is designed to support new and existing school garden programs that want to teach about biodiversity and environmental sustainability. School gardens are the perfect place for students to learn about plants, explore their world, and feel inspired to take care of the life they discover in their local ecosystems. The 2023 Budding Botanist Grant is open until October 14, 2022.

In 2023, twenty schools across the country will be awarded $1000 each in grant funding.

Wondering how to teach youth about biodiversity and environmental sustainability? Take a look at some of the grantees from 2022:

Brasher Falls Central School District
(Brasher Falls, New York) The new courtyard garden at Brasher Falls Central School District provided an opportunity to teach students what is possible to grow in a small area by developing a greenhouse, a pollinator garden, and a nature trail.

Miner School/Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization
(Arlington Heights, Illinois) The new Miner School Garden became a space where students could go to expand their Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math projects. The garden promoted sustainability and biodiversity through native plants, pollinator plants, a greenhouse, composting, and by practicing seed saving.

Santiago High School
(Garden Grove, California) The Cav Garden at Santiago High School connected students to food and nature to become lifelong stewards of their health and the environment. Incorporating ecological practices that center on soil and plant health, the Cav Garden expansion fostered respect for sustainability. The students became citizens who value and advocate for environmental health.

Whether you are starting a new garden to teach about water conservation and composting or improving your existing garden by adding indigenous and perennial plants, this grant opportunity is for you.

We look forward to reading your application! Apply by October 14, 2022, to be considered.