Art Activities Using Natural Dyes

Art Activities Using Natural Dyes

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Creating arts and crafts using natural dyes allows you to transform the inherent beauty and vibrancy of plants into a new form.

This garden activity pack will walk you through:

  • The best plants to grow for natural dye
  • Three ways to extract pigment from your plants
  • Fun activities for using your homemade natural plant dyes.

After learning how to extract the dyes, get inspired to think about the endless possibilities for using them to create different forms of art!

Chopped beets and beet greens on a cutting board, with a bowl of beets nearby

How to use natural dye

This Garden Activity Pack shows you how to use your garden-grown dye to create:

  • Pounded plant prints
  • Dyed fabrics
  • Tie dyed materials
  • Dyed eggs
  • Watercolor paintings

Excited to grow your own colorful plants and get creative? From blueberries to cabbage, most plants can be grown in containers like a Smart Pot!

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