Celebrating Native Pollinators with Wyman’s

Three new pollinator guides!

We are really excited to share three NEW native pollinator resources designed for both families and educators. Beyond getting the world to eat more fruit, Wyman’s has made the stewardship of our natural resources a top priority for four generations and counting. That means investing in the preservation of the earth’s bee population and enhancing and protecting our soil, water and air.

Native plants offer food and shelter for a host of organisms, both above and below the ground. They also help clean our air and water, and their roots provide stability for our soils. Native pollinators ensure that native plants continue to produce seeds so they can reproduce and thrive for generations to come. Learning about the relationship between native plants and native pollinators — and the amazing things they do together in our environment — offers intriguing and important lessons for kids.

The title "Berry Good Friends" A guide to exploring native plant-pollinator relationships

Berry Good Friends

This lesson guide offers educators and parents a foundation of information about native plants and pollinators, along with engaging activities focusing on native berries and their "berry good" pollinator friends. The goal is to teach our next generation respect for native plants and pollinators while also inspiring and empowering them to take steps to protect and preserve native habitats in our communities.
The title: Family Guide to Native Berries

Family Guide to Native Berries

Looking for a fun way to start an edible garden? Try planting a patch of native berries! This guide includes berries native to the United States, tips on starting a native berry garden, and a coloring page.

Title: Family Guide to Native Pollinators

Family Guide to Native Pollinators

There are thousands of native pollinators who quietly go about their work without any fanfare. Learn which plants each pollinator likes best, and play a fun matching game.


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A collage of items, including a hat, stickers, playing cards, coasters, pins, and the words Bee Wild Giveaway!Wyman's giveaway