Sensory Gardening with Kids Activity Kit

Gardening is a ‘sense-sational’ way to engage kids in outdoor learning and play! With their incredible diversity of shapes, sizes, colors, scents, and textures, plants offer limitless options for designing a garden space to engage all the senses. 

KidsGardening is excited to team up with our friends at Little Seeds Kids to bring you a new activity kit full of ideas for starting your own sensory garden.  The 8-page kit compiles sensory garden design tips and plant suggestions along with an assortment of fun and engaging activities you can try with young gardeners with or without a garden space.

Benefits of Sensory Gardening. Help kids interact with and make sense of the world around them. Develop fine motor skills. Provide therapeutic benefits. Engage senses without over-stimulating. Support emotional regulation. Encourage exploration. Advance language development and communication skills. Foster brain development by building nerve connections. Cultivate connection to nature and community.

Benefits of sensory gardening

Thank you Little Seeds Kids!